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Make a Lasting Impression with Simple Business Card Designs: Compare Free Templates

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Business cards are an essential item in the business world. By keeping your business card design simple, you can greatly influence the impression you leave on others. A simple business card conveys only the necessary information, giving a more refined and sophisticated impression.

At Media face Co., Ltd., we offer a wide range of free templates for simple business card designs. In this article, we'll introduce the key points of simple business card design and our services.

Key Points of Simple Business Card Design

There are several key points to consider when creating a simple business card design:

  1. Include only necessary information
  2. Use white space effectively
  3. Keep fonts and colors consistent

By following these points, you can create a more polished and refined simple business card.

Media face Co., Ltd.'s Business Card Design Templates

We offer a variety of free templates for simple business card designs, with the following features:

  • Designs tailored to different industries and business situations
  • Option to add logos and photos
  • Support for QR code inclusion
  • Wide range of sizes available

You can freely customize the templates according to your preferences and needs.

How to Create Simple Business Cards

Creating a simple business card with our service is easy:

  1. Choose a template
  2. Input your information
  3. Review the design
  4. Place your order

In just four simple steps, you can create a professional-quality simple business card.

High-Quality Business Card Printing Service

We also offer high-quality business card printing services. Using the latest printing equipment, we achieve crisp, clear results. We have a wide selection of paper types for you to choose from, according to your needs and preferences.


Simple business card designs can have a significant impact in business situations. At Media face Co., Ltd., we offer a wide range of free templates for simple business card designs. We also provide high-quality business card printing services. Give our services a try and experience the difference for yourself.

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